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Party with a Plan:

Weekly Planner

Need more control over your time?

Do you struggle to get it all done and feel like there has to be a better way?

This one planner -- 50 pages of weekly sheets -- and the FREE training that comes with it will help you learn HOW to create a weekly plan that's focused on getting results and making sure you're making time for the activities that matter most.

The Planner for Party Plan Direct Sellers!

The Tool & Training You Need

Built for Party Plan Sellers by a Trusted Expert

This planner is designed for the way you work and the business-building activities you need to focus on each week in your business to grow. Laurie's walked the walk and managed to build a significant business while juggling a busy family. Her secrets to success are built into the smarts behind the planner.

Stop the To-Do List that Never Gets Done!

Most people keep a to-do list that carries over week after week, and they wonder why they just cannot get ahead. Not you! You'll learn how to manage your time each week to get more done and enjoy your business more!

Training Designed to Help you Achieve Your Dreams

Laurie will walk you through her trusted process that takes you from defining your BIG DREAMS to the actions and results you need to achieve each week to make sure you're on track for what's most important to you!

Set Your Goals & Get Results

It's time to start focusing on the results you want and have an easy-to-follow process to achieve them!

This planner is designed to guide you through the process of defining what's most important to you each week, then scheduling the time to get it done. All right on one page that you can rip off the pad and tuck into whatever calendar or planner you use!

You might be wondering...

50 Pages to Plan Your Year!

Your purchase includes a 50-page pad, on 11x17 paper. One sheet for each week in the year. (Laurie highly recommends planning two full vacations each year for time to reset, renew and revive your spirit!) Perfectly sized to plan everything you need, sits perfectly on a counter or desk.

Want more than one set?

Bring Laurie's training and insight into your next team or company event with a bulk purchase of planners you can distribute and use! With the FREE training available online, you can turn your event into an expertly-led business-altering workshop! Easy-peasy!

FREE Training with Laurie Girardi

Having the right tool is only as good as knowing what to do with it to maximize results, right? You'll have access to Laurie's FREE training online designed to guide you through the process of going from defining your BIG DREAMS to knowing what to focus on each week to get there! Best news... the training is shareable, so you can tell your friends and team members, too!

What else do you have for me?

As a party plan direct seller, you're likely always looking for new ideas, strategies and tips. This planner is just one of the many tools and trainings Laurie Girardi has for you. Have you joined the National Direct Selling Registry yet? It's best to start there: https://ndsr.me

A Note from Laurie Girardi ...

It's time to party with a plan!

I created this just for you.

For years, direct sellers across the globe have asked me to create them a tool that helps them put into action the training and tips I deliver in my "Planning for Success" keynote talks and workshops.

It's YOUR TURN to live the life you've only ever imagined. Take control over your time and achieve the results you've only dreamed about. With this planner and the FREE training you'll get with it, you'll feel unstoppable!

The most successful Leaders don't have any more time than you do. They just use it more efficiently and effectively. For less than $1 per week, together, we'll help you get control and find more joy at the end of every week!

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